Investors Anticipating Sohn Conference Predictions

May 8, 2017 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Monday marks the opening day for the 22nd annual Sohn Foundation Conference. The event draws some of the biggest names in the investment community, and predictions made here can influence the market.

Bill Ackman is returning to the podium at Sohn after taking a break last year after being a fixture at previous Sohn conferences. Founder of Pershing Square Management, Ackman has a great long-term record, but has hit a few potholes along the way, apologizing to investors for his bad advice to bet on Valeant Pharm International, plus his short bet on Herbalife.

Sohn participants are eagerly waiting to hear from founder and chief executive of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya whose advice last year to buy Amazon worked out well. He said Amazon had plenty of room to grow, well on its way to becoming a $3 trillion company. In the 12 months since Chamath made the call Amazon’s stock is up 40 percent.

Jeffrey Gundlach, bond trader guru and CEO of DoubleLine Capital, told people a year ago to watch out for the possibility of Trump winning the election. Expounding his well-known contrarian views he told Sohn attendees: “I think you need to prepare for a Trump presidency.”

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