Some Hedge Fund Managers Backing Trump

May 16, 2016 Ruth Curtis In the News

salt-logo_500wAttendees of the lavish SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference are starting to endorse Donald Trump for president, not just with words, but with money, too. This is despite the fact that Trump has accused hedge fund managers of “getting away with murder” when paying (or not) their fair share of taxes. Trump is also unhappy with the manager’s belief in free-trade.

The SALT conference is run by Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital. Scaramucci is one of the first of his kind to get behind Trump, explaining to his fellow managers that he is expecting Trump to radically change his campaign style. Others who are leaning towards supporting Trump said they expect he will most likely gather experienced advisors around him to help him navigate the complex world of the US economy and business.

Part of the leanings towards Trump is the fear that Clinton will need to go to the left to attract supporters of Bernie Sanders. Trump supporters and others did agree that he would have to make drastic changes to his style if he does manage to win the White House.
Scaramucci said that Trump is “playing to an electoral base that he knows he needs to garner to win the nomination.” He added that, even though some of Trump’s comments seem alarming to financiers and businessmen, his comments are “100 percent premeditated” tries to “tweak” the establishment.

“He walked it back, as he does a lot of these crazy statements. He is dismissing the establishment, academia, ivory tower, snobby, salon-oriented bourgeois, and he is tweaking them by saying this nonsense, to the great enjoyment of the middle and lower class.”

Jokes abounded at SALT when Trump was discussed. Energy investor and hedge fund manager T Boone Pickens announced his support for Trump at SALT, saying he is “willing to take a chance.” Pickens added that “People will say, well hell yes, you’re 88, you won’t be here if it’s a mistake.”

Pickens said that Trump’s entry into politics was not so different than starting a business: “People are fed up and he seized on an opportunity. He is a man with a new idea and a big mouth,” he said.

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