Elliot Management Relocating to Florida

October 26, 2020 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

Activist investor Paul Singer has decided to move his $41 billion hedge fund manager to Florida, joining a growing number of investment companies looking to lower their state tax burden. Elliot Management will keep some office space in Manhattan, but his new headquarters will be in West Palm Beach. He will also open offices in […]


Elliot Management, Florida, New York City, Palm Beach, Paul Singer,

Wall Street Heading South and Not Just for the Winter

January 29, 2013 James Heinsman In the News

Fed-up with exorbitant tax rates and a business-unfriendly establishment, many hedge fund companies and private equity firms have made the decision to relocate to a place where they are being welcomed with open arms and delightful tax breaks: Palm Beach County, Florida. “Florida is a state of choice,” said Thalius Hecksher, global development chief for […]


Evan Rapoport, Florida, New York, Thalius Heksher,

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