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Hedge Funds Take Interest in New Oriental Education & Technology Group

August 21, 2012 James Heinsman In the News

Hedge funds across the globe have been shifting and readjusting their foci as economies change. Seeking Alpha compiled a list of some stocks that have been gaining interest from leading hedge funds over the past few months. One of these new stocks is New Oriental Education & Technology Group, which was picked up by Joho […]


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Top Stocks for Hedge Funds: Anthera Pharmaceuticals

August 7, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

Numerous hedge funds have begun stocking up on stocks these past few months. Seeking Alpha, a finance expert, has listed some of the most popular. First was Navistar, which gained approval over the course of last month. Second is Anthera Pharmaceuticals. Seeking Alpha explains: “Peter Kolchinsky, Ph.D., manager of RA Capital Management, picked-up 4.5 million […]


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Hedge Funds’ Top Ten Technology Stocks

July 17, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Tops

The technology and hi-tech industries are gaining a strong foothold across the globe, and many of the most popular stocks in the market today fit into this sector. Hedge funds take a particular interest in these stocks. According to MarketWatch.com, their top ten include: Apple, Inc. Google, Inc. Microsoft, Inc. Qualcomm Cisco Yahoo! Oracle EMC […]


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Top Ten Biotech Stocks for Hedge Funds

March 26, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Tops

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry, attracting numerous investors. It has an unusual set of risks as a result of the gap between research and commercial value, but is still considered a growth industry. Seeking Alpha created a list of the top biotech stocks most attractive to hedge funds today: Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. with 133.38 […]


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