Stanley Druckenmiller

Fund Manager Druckenmiller Praises Fed’s Response to Covid

June 28, 2020 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Stanley Druckenmiller, a veteran hedge fund manager, explained on CNBC that he was “humbled” by the strong performance of the stock market in late May, and admitted that he had underestimated the positive force the Federal Reserve was capable of exerting. “I had long-term concerns for the last few years that because of easy money, […]


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Carried Interest Will Not Go Away

December 26, 2017 James Heinsman In the News

Despite the best efforts of the White House and outspoken economists, the notorious tax loophole for the rich known as Carried Interest is still part of the tax code. The administration’s chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, explained that the White House tried tirelessly to erase this hedge-fund loophole in the tax reform bill. Getting rid […]


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Irene Tse Leaving JP Morgan to Begin Own Hedge Fund

October 2, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

After less than two years working at New York’s JP Morgan as chief investment officer for North America, Irene Tse, age 43, will be leaving her position to launch her own hedge fund, according to people with access to the information. Tse’s plans have not yet been announced formally. Tse’s future hedge fund will make […]


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