The Top Hedge Fund Earners of 2016

May 17, 2017 James Heinsman In the News

We mean who brought home the most money, and not necessarily had the best returns, although these often go together considering the fees managers charge for performance.

Broadly speaking the hedge fund industry had lackluster year, but at least the numbers are black. Hedge Funds returned 5.4 percent, kind of anemic compared to the robust 11.9 percent of the S&P 500.

We also are well-versed in the story of the high fees driving money out of the industry. There was about 70 billion fewer dollars working for their investors compared to the previous year, the biggest loss of cash since 2009.

Yet, as was hinted at in the opening line, these less than stellar results did not seem to hurt the best managers much. According to Alpha magazine, the recently published list of the top-earning hedge fund managers, the highest ranked 25 heads of hedge funds ‘earned’ $11 billion in total in 2016.

Who made it to this list? Here are just the top 5.

1.    James Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies. His yearly take home pay equaled $1.6 billion.
2.    Ray Dalio, founder and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater. Earnings= $1.4 billion.
3.    John Overdeck, co-founder and co-chair of Two Sigma Investments. He made $750 million.
4.    David Siegel, co-founder and co-chairman of Two Sigma Investments. Also $750 million.
5.    David Tepper, founder and president of Appaloosa Management. He earned $700 million.

David Siegel, David Tepper, James Simons, John Overdeck, Ray Dalio,

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