Top-Performing Hedge Funds Picking GE, Facebook and Biogen

June 16, 2019 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Hedge funds which are showing excellent results and have been for the past three-years are picking stocks such as General Electric, PG & E, Facebook, Biogen and more.

According to the hedge fund tracking firm, the top 10 stock picker hedge funds are:
Aisling Capital
• Boxer Capital
• RA Capital Management
• PAW Capital Partners
• First Light Asset Management
• Steadfast Capital
• Goodnow Investment
• S Squared Technology
• Sandler Capital Management

Despite being less known, these managers exhibited strong performance this year and for the past three years.

According to required quarterly filings with the SEC, which is released to the public 45 days after the end of each quarter, the following positions were taken by the hedge funds:
• General Electric
• PG&E
• Burlington Stores
• Facebook
• Sage Therapeutics
• Axsome Therapeutics
• Biogen
• Gosamer Bio
• TransDigm
• Precision BioSciences

Steadfast Capital is betting big on General Electric, buying over $153 million worth of shares during the first quarter. They also bought positions in PG&E, Burlington Stores and Facebook. The fund manages $10.6 billion, and their picks have grown by 23.4% year to date.

Aisling Capital, Biogen, Boxer Capital, Facebook, PG&E,

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