Going Green: Hedge Funds By Uranium

October 13, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

‘Green energy’ is on the agenda of many politicians as consumers and companies increase their demand for sustainable assets and energy solutions. That is why investors are returning to nuclear fuel after a significant period of stagnation. Prices have rallied 37% and big hedge funds are betting on uranium for high returns, particularly given the […]


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Managers Confident of Global Growth

October 3, 2021 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Hedge fund managers around the world have overwhelmingly indicated their confidence for continued growth despite the current market volatility and the ongoing Covid pandemic. A recent study by the Alternative Investment Management Association’s (AIMA) Global Hedge Fund Confidence Index, 99% of managers believe that their prospects will continue to grow and show increased second-quarter results. […]


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Mozes Victor Konig on Diamonds as Investments

September 28, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Diamonds have long been a sound investment.  Historically they have been a preferred investment form for many reasons.  Diamond expert Mozes Victor Konig has seen – especially in the last three or four decades – an escalation in the popularity of this type of investment. “There was a study conducted by Tilburg University and HEC […]


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Robo- Hedge Funds Scoring Big

September 23, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Back in 2015, human hedge fund managers embraced their robotic counterparts and incorporated AI, big data, and computer programs in their efforts. Today, those very same robots are yielding substantial gains across the industry. By employing machines to do some of the basic elements of hedge fund management, quality assurance and efficient data processing or […]


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Hedge Funds are Back- Primarily in Emerging Market

September 14, 2021 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Year-to-date returns for hedge funds are showing signs of recovery, particularly in emerging markets where managers are spurring the playing field and pushing gains. Both BarclayHedge and eVestment recently published data showing the extent to which emerging markets and Asia-focused hedge funds bypassed other geographical regions in August, upending the July downturn. The overriding theme […]


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Hedge Fund Industry Looking Up

August 17, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

For the first time in over a decade, hedge funds are celebrating some consistent success. During the global crises of 2020, the industry touted an 11.8% return, recording the best year since 2009’s crash. According to the Financial Times, “Investors are certainly taking notice of the hedge fund industry’s renaissance. After withdrawing more than $170bn […]


Hedge Fund Optimism Increases

July 13, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Hedge Funds are demonstrating some newfound optimism as double-digit returns and increasing assets under management point to excellent business prospects.  Last week, hedge funds rated their economic confidence at +19.5, up from an average +18.4 from last quarter. The scale ranges from -50 to +50. A survey in the second quarter Hedge Fund Confidence Index […]


America’s Newspaper Business

June 15, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Newsrooms across the United States took a severe hit to operations during the pandemic, even while readership increased significantly. Like many businesses, it was an unstable and damaging time; more than 70 local newsrooms have shut down over the last year. This problem has been in the works for more than a decade, as print […]


Major Hedge Funds Invest in Obscure Oil Company

May 24, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

With energy prices on the rise, numerous large hedge funds are rallying to bolster Norwegian Energy Company (Noreco), a struggling North Sea oil and gas company based in Denmark. The hedge funds, which include Taconic Capital, CQS, Caius Capital, Astaris Capital, York Capital and Kite Lake Capital, have built positions in the company whose shares […]


New Cryptocurrency Fund Launching by Former JP Morgan Manager

May 13, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Paul Frost-Smith announced he is starting a new multi-strategy arbitrage fund based in Grand Cayman Island. Frost-Smith was formerly a manager at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. The fund is called Argentium Chimera and will combine three investment strategies inspired by forex investing but adapted to account for the higher volatility and lower liquidity of […]


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