AI Quant Fund Realizes Growth Even as Market Slows

July 8, 2020 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Quantumrock, the Berlin-headquartered quantitative hedge fund manager, has seen excellent returns while others are stymied in a difficult market. The company’s volatility-focused fund, Volatility Special Opportunities Program, (VSOP), grew by a juicy 9.87% in June, with a YTD of 36.16% growth. VSOP uses an equity futures-and-treasuries model designed around Artificial Intelligence trading throughout the market cycle.

“Although June experienced one of the worst days for stock markets on record, these incredible results clearly demonstrate the robustness of our AI systems and the extent to which they can inform our decision-making processes,” said Quantumrock CEO Stefan Tittel.

The firm was launched in 2012 as an AI investment technology manager previously known as RISE Wealth Technologies. It recently re-branded as Quantumrock in June 2020.

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