Sender Hedge Fund Gains 30% Following the Crowd on RobinHood

August 5, 2020 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Adam Sender seems to have hit on a great way to bet on winners in the stock market. Just watch what the numbers tell you on the popular stock-trading app called RobinHood. He says he gained 30% for his fund Sender Company and Partners so far this year following the most picked stocks on the trading platform.

RobinHood, the retail trading platform that has become even more popular during the coronavirus pandemic, probably because people staying home are looking for fun things to do that do not require a trip out of the house.

Some of Sender’s picks, which were based on the picks of the RobinHood crowd included Hertz, which found a fan club even as it was mired in bankruptcy during the year; Tesla, whose stock price has been skyrocketing faster than SpaceX rockets; and Nio, the fast-expanding Chinese electric car company.

Sender explained that the increase in day trading has contributed to “the late 90s type of environment I thrive on,” referring to the hi-tech stock price bubble that came at the end of that decade.

Sender was also invested in S&P 500 futures, NASDAQ futures, and some omnipresent tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Paypal, and Amazon.
The growth in tech stocks has helped fuel the overall climb in the stock market, with the NASDAQ closing at another record high in early August.

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