Bridgewater Takes to the Woods to Dodge Corona

September 23, 2020 James Heinsman In the News

Photo courtesy of Jess Mann

In what is certainly a unique way of beating off COVID-19, Ray Dalio has taken his traders to the woods where fresh air and social distancing is sure to reduce Bridgewater employees’ risk of infection.

Dalio put up tents in the forest that abuts the location of the $138 billion hedge fund headquarters in Westport, Connecticut. The tents were pitched in May and can offer refuge to about 50 of the 1,500 global staff from the pandemic that is wreaking havoc around the world, while still working from their desks.

A report describing the working conditions explained that the unusual work environment was chosen when Dalio realized that the safety protocols for safe indoor work were too stressful. The outdoor office space includes kayaks, a nice perk, but it also comes with some less useful conditions, such as birdsong that can make phone calls hard to concentrate on, and falling trees, that could harm a computer or a trader.

Bridgewater expects to stay in the great outdoors until the weather turns too cold to make working there feasible, or until the end of October if the weather stays balmy.

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