ARC China

ARC China uses an on-the-ground Activist Investment strategy. This means a focus on making value-oriented and highly-involved public and pre-IPO private equity investments in a diversified portfolio which is focused on domestic consumption and high-growth businesses in the Peoples’ Republic of China. China is the world’s largest emerging market with a high likelihood of generating the world’s highest investment returns over the next decade and beyond. ARC China has offices in Shanghai, and Chengdu, LA, and New York.

ARC China focuses its investments on Chinese businesses that are oriented towards domestic consumption. Specific Investment sectors that Arc China focuses on includes: (i) renewable energy / sustainability (including, but not limited to ethanol, biodiesel, biomass, geothermal, waste-to-energy and energy efficiency); (ii) consumer-oriented sectors (including consumer products, consumer retail, media and advertising), (iii) consumer & business services, (iv) healthcare industry businesses (including products and services) and (iv) domestic infrastructure (including education, natural resources, waste-water treatment and crop development). ARC China is regionally agnostic on its investments throughout China, but focuses largely on China’s Tier II and Tier III regions.

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