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Investments and Growth: The Silverfern Group

June 1, 2017 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

International multi-asset class investment management firm, the Silverfern Group recently announced some of its noteworthy investments and growth patterns. Co-Managing Partner and CIO, Clive Holmes, together with co-Managing Partner Reeta Holmes, recently attended the firm’s 2017 Annual Meeting in New York City.  There, both partners spoke of the recent investments made in the company. According […]


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Old Fund Opening to New Owners

April 20, 2017 Debbie Jacobs Company Spotlight

For the first time in Blenheim Capital Management’s history ownership of the company is opening to new blood. Willem Kooyker, the 74-year-old pioneer in commodities investing, launched the fund almost thirty years ago, specializing in natural resources, such as oil, agriculture, metal and everything in between. With about $1.5 billion assets under management, at its […]


Blenheim Capital Management, Gus Rossi, James Wohlmacher, Terence Kooyker, Thomas Kopczynski,

Blue Nile Announces Acquisition

March 16, 2017 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

In recent news, online jeweler Blue Nile announced the acquisition of the company by an investor group, which was comprised of Bain Capital Private Equity, Bow Street and Adama Partners. The transaction was approved by Blue Nile’s shareholders on February 2, 2017. As the Blue Nile Chairman, CEO and President Harvey Kanter explained, “Blue Nile […]


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Dalio’s Mind Encoded into Algorithms

December 26, 2016 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

The world’s largest, and most successful, hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is encoding its master’s methods into an algorithm designed to bypass the need for anyone to actually have to think. The fund is worth $160 billion, and presumably got there based on the management philosophy of its founder Ray Dalio. The goal of the project […]


Bridgewater Associates, David Ferrucci, Principles Operating System, Ray Dalio, Watson,

NYU Drop Out Starts Hedge Fund Worth $5 Million

November 21, 2016 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

Julian Marchese is one 20-year-old who knows what he wants. And what he wants is to succeed in the world of finance, and more specifically, in the world of hedge funds. Last year, when Marchese was still a student, he launched Marchese Investments from his dormitory room. When Business Insider interviewed him last September Marchese […]


Chris Kohler, Julian Marchese, Marchese Investments, NYU,

California’s Agile Fund Adds Hedge Fund Experts to Managing Team

August 3, 2016 Debbie Jacobs Company Spotlight

Agile Fund Solutions, a money management firm based in California, announced that Greg Gleeson and Andrea Schweikert will be joining the company as hedge fund specialists. Vincent Calcagno, CEO of Agile, explained the move to hire hedge fund specialists: “Southern California presents a major opportunity for Agile. Greg is a veteran player in the SoCal […]


Agile Fund Solutions, Andrea Schweikert, Greg Gleeson, Nick Castoria, Southern California,

Greenlight Up 2.9 Percent in February

March 1, 2016 Marcus Black Company Spotlight

David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital posted an excellent month in February, rising by 2.9 percent. The total increase for 2016 is 3.3 percent, outperforming the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. That benchmark index lost 0.1 percent in February, and is down a total of 5.1 percent for the year. The news was distributed to Einhorn’s clients […]


David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital,

Olive Garden Owners Wait Tables at Maligned Restaurant Chain

June 3, 2015 Debbie Jacobs Company Spotlight

Jeffrey Smith, CEO and founder of Starboard Value, a hedge fund with the largest stake in the Olive Tree restaurant chain, rallied his investors to check out the premises from “the ground up.” “Every single board member took a night and worked inside a restaurant,” said Smith. “I was waiting on tables, greeting guests, serving […]


Darden Restaurants, Jeffrey Smith, Olive Garden, Starboard Value,

Francisco D’Agostino of Element Capital Explains Investing Philosophy

December 16, 2014 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

In a letter by the President and Managing Director of the Element Capital Group, Francisco D’Agostino states that “The financial crisis from which we are still recovering has taught investors…that investing is risky.” Element Capital Advisors Ltd., is an independent investment advisor with their headquarters in the British Virgin Islands with branch offices in Caracas, […]


Element Capital, Francisco D'Agostino,

Investing in Star Appeal

September 15, 2014 Debbie Jacobs Company Spotlight

Some investors simply want more for their money than just more money. One way to get a nice return on investment while also rubbing shoulders with celebrities is through a firm called “Media Society.” Based in Los Angeles and launched in 2012, Media Society allows investors to be part of the thrill of Hollywood and […]


Helen Rosenberg, Media Society, Wade Bradley,

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