Python is Hedge Fund Prefered Coding Language

November 23, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Python is emerging as the preferred language for hedge fund technology. Those looking to work in the industry would be wise to consider acquiring this skill and showcasing it in their resume. Nat Kilsby, the COO of Quadrature Capital predicted this trend in March 2021, as recruitment of coders with extensive Python capabilities were being sought out by recruiters and firms.

The programming language bridges research and technology at a time that machine learning and analysis are an integral part of the investment process. Python is a flexible and functional platform that gives quantitative technologists accurate and usable information in good time. It is also a relatively easy language to learn and integrate with other operating platforms. As hedge funds move to the cloud, they are using Python-coded programs in their research, data collection, information processing, and idea generation.

But the growing demand for Python in hedge funds is not to the exclusion of other coding languages. While Python remains the primary back-end platform, front office trading work is done in C# and C++ because of their speed. Fortran is also used for high-frequency schemes.

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