Marc Lasry

October 15, 2015 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Even though Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital Group is concerned about what effects the government’s budget crisis will have on the economy, he remains optimistic that all will be well. Lasry is even expecting growth of about 3 percent for the GDP, a full 1 percent higher than the consensus prediction of only 2 percent […]


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As Economy Recovers Managers Withdraw Gold Bets

November 14, 2013 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Predicting that the Federal Reserve will be reducing stimulus activity to the economy, hedge fund managers have been lowering their bullish bets on gold. Last week managers added the highest number of short contracts in a month, and stakes in commodities fell the most since April. During the week ending November 5th the total amount […]


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Hedge Fund Gains in July Driven by Facebook Shares

August 15, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Economic Barometer

Though July may be considered disappointing, hedge funds have managed to prosper despite the euro zone crisis. Last month’s gains, though meager in comparison to predictions, were driven by three different trades- oil, the euro, and surprisingly, Facebook shares. According to a statement from the SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index, the firm gained 1.42% […]


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Do Hedge Funds Contribute Positively to the Job Market?

August 10, 2012 James Heinsman Quote of the Day

As the public continues to scrutinize, regulate and analyze the hedge fund financial sector one question that is being asked is whether the growth of the hedge fund industry will contribute to the number of jobs available, furthering the growth of the economy. According to Mitch Ackles,  President of the Hedge Fund Association as well […]


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Company Spotlight: Palomar Capital LLP

July 31, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Company Spotlight

Stanley Fink’s International Standard Asset Management is backing a new hedge fund founded by Patrick Boyle. Formerly a trader at Nomura Holdings and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Boyle joined the ranks of traders who have left firms as numerous banks reduce risk taking. Based in London, Palomar Capital LLP will initiate its trading […]


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Charles Nenner, Alan Greenspan and Others on Finance Today

July 22, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

As balance remains elusive in the financial world, hedge fund managers and other investment and finance experts shed some light on issues both global and regional: “Free choice is not relevant in financial markets because there are too many players. A stock with a million holders is much more predictable than one with five.” -Charles […]


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Paul Sinclair Liquidates Equities in Face of Euro Crises

June 24, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

The New York Observer recently discussed the Eurozone crisis’s impact on Paul Sinclair and his hedge fund. “Expo Capital Management founder Paul Sinclair is returning $458 million managed by his Los Angeles-based hedge fund, telling Bloomberg that the turmoil surrounding the European sovereign debt crisis has left him ‘physically and mentally exhausted,’” the paper wrote. […]


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Hedge Funds Lose on Wheat Bets, Do Better on Copper

May 30, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

Recent data has revealed that before the market stutter several days ago, hedge funds bought almost $2 billion worth of wheat contracts. According to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, money managers were luckier with copper bets; hedge funds dropped almost $670 million in long positions right as the metal suffered one of its worst price […]


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Starboard Value Nominates Five to AOL’s Board

February 28, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

Hedge fund Starboard Value LP recently nominated several candidates to AOL’s board, explaining that their discussions have not been satisfying thus far. According to Starboard, who owns 5.2% of AOL’s stock, AOL’s patent portfolio has the potential to generate over $1 billion in licensing income, with the proper management. AOL possesses valuable intellectual property, including […]


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Unusual Economic Indicators

February 27, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Easily overlooked by economic experts, the following indicators may be a truer indication of how the economy is really doing. Victory Gardens About a year ago with the warm of air spring came talk of planting household gardens as a way for families to save money. The National Gardening Association reports that there are 43 […]


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