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A New Survey Shows Investors Satisfied with 2020 Performance

August 13, 2020 James Heinsman In the News

A new investor poll shows that hedge fund investors are evenly split when it comes to the question of how satisfied they are with how the industry performed so far this year. The survey, conducted and released by bfinance, “Managing Through Uncertainty,” asked a broad spectrum of investors from pension funds, insurers, endowments, family offices […]


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When It Comes to Hedge Funds Smaller is Better

February 6, 2013 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

According to hedge fund analyst Jeff Banfield the fewer assets a hedge fund manager has to navigate, the better that fund will perform. Banfield of JMO Research uses a well-thought-out method to assess the performance of 53 hedge funds and ranks them in two ways: each fund gets a number with 10 being the highest […]


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