Tyr Capital Holding Its Own in Volatile Market

May 25, 2020 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

Newly launched crypto hedge fund, Tyr Capital Arbitrage SP, reported excellent, double-digit gains after just one year of investing.

Nick Norris, Ed Hindi, and Nick Metzidakis created Tyr Capital in January 2019 in London. The fund focuses on soft commodity and energy markets. Two of the three men, Norris and Hindi, worked together at Geneva Trading LLC and Hartree Partners LP. The partners divided the roles between them:

Norris is COO, Hindi is CIO and partner, and Metzidakis is Head of Quantitative Trading.

As of April 30, 2020 Tyr posted an 11% gain.

The firm uses Caspian Crypto Trading and Portfolio Management System to manage the operations of its cryptocurrency fund.

Tyr uses a short to medium term horizon strategy which does best in volatile markets, responding neutrally to either up or down markets.

According to CEO Nick Norris:

“We took our knowledge and our expertise from many years in the commodities markets and put them to use with digital assets as we saw the market evolving and institutional interest growing. Arbitrage strategies work extremely well when it comes to volatile markets. With the volatility seen during recent times, the volumes, and opportunities in the market for those who have the skill and know-how are substantial.

“Our investors, many of whom followed us from our time in the commodities markets, have really benefitted from our consistent performance and the diversification of their portfolios through digital assets.”

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